Migrant Dairy

Sensitizing travelers against irregular migration, migrant abuse and modern slavery through education, skills and training.

Migrant Diary is a project designed by Aya Media, Inc. our management has developed the zeal and alacrity to tackle irregular migration and to engage international communities, diplomats and government agencies about the menace. It’s in our quest to identify requisite and primary solutions to the challenge within Sub-Sahara African, Europe, North America and some part of Asia. The program will also tackle modern day slavery, trafficking and migrant abuse.

Through our channel, AMNEWSWORLD portal, we identified the difficulties and the peril that befalls on migrants embarking on irregular travel through unapproved roots to the developed world with the hope to better their lives in the future.

The prime objective of our project is to provide required training and skills for the youth prone to these vices and to create awareness about the development as well as embark on a rescue mission.

Migrant Diary will facilitate and develop appropriate mechanisms to enlighten people about appropriate visa application, traveling procedures and the consequence of irregular migration and to empower the youth through skills, education with training to adopt a strategic policy plan that will help build their capabilities for self-development. Moreover, there’s going to be documentaries, interviews and live telecast on AMN broadcast channels in support of the program.

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