Agricultural Development and Mechanization Project

Agriculture is the foundation of growth and development of every country which Ghana can’t be excluded. Ghana has a tropical black earths that supports crop production including cash crop. Therefore, Africa Rescue and Youth Empowerment Center in partnership with Aya Media Inc. has introduced ADMP initiative to reduce youth unemployment, improve agriculture through new technology and enhance the lives of farmers within farming communities in Ghana.

We committed to innovative ideas and negotiating with potential investors to explore the opportunities in the Agricultural sector as well as providing job opportunities for the youth and to improve the lives of farmers in the country across Sub-Saharan region.

Our aim is to bring investors into the agriculture sector, reduce youth unemployment, providing solution to food spoilage through processing, growing domestic crops to meet international standard, organize Agricultural Expo for investors, small, medium and large scale farmers and exporters as well as individuals for at least twice in a year, in other to showcase the multiple opportunities in the agriculture sector, crops/products standardization, application of agro-chemicals and market expansion.

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