AMI Technology For Rural Development (ATRD)

AMI Technology for Rural Development (ATRD) is a project initiated by Aya Media, Inc. of Phoxman Kroup.

The project seeks to facilitate I.C.T laboratories and impact through Information Technology across the rural communities in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. It is becoming highly impossible for a society to develop without the presence of technology in this informative era. Hence, technology plays a very vital role in this modern society and human development. The aim of this project is to spread knowledge and the new way of doing this across Sub-Saharan African communities to spearhead our national development starting from the basic level of our education. It is our duty to make sure no single child is left out in this new development for a better future. ATRD among other Aya Media, Incorporation’s projects ensures all inclusiveness and gender equality for a better future.

ATRD Volunteers at Tokokoe, Volta Region of Ghana.

Source: Aya Media, Inc.

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