We organize a process that defines directions and decision making in accordance with available resources to pursue strategies and the company’s set priorities. We guide companies to implement plans and control mechanisms.


Our company in place outstanding mechanisms to create unique place in customers’ mind. Appropriate communication tools are used to inform and persuade target audience of company’s brand, products and services.

Social projects

We run and manages social, humanitarian projects of all kinds. Such activities includes monitoring, documentaries of life changing social projects from urban to rural communities.

events organizing

We plan and organize corporate and social events in the field of education, entrepreneurship and human development for individual clients and organizations.



The firm provides mainstream research and business services, such as social/business research, data collection, market survey, data analysis, design questionnaires and business consultation.

Corporate Branding

Every company’s identity symbolizes its brand, brand management is very crucial for most companies. Sustainability of business mostly depends on its identity, with Aya Media, you can focus on the financial aspect of your company while we manage and take care of your brand and also make sure you get a good name.

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